Making sense of mobile


Help you gain more customers


  1. Examining the opportunity Understanding a customer's usage is key, so we take any UK supplier's billing files and create a suite of interactive and insightful reports for you to better engage with your prospective customer
  2. Present a clear opportunity Build and bespoke your complete deal within our interactive savings reports. All UK & roaming voice, SMS and data analysed
    Gain customer confidence by accurately presenting the savings opportunity and show how it can be achieved
  3. Give your teams a sales advantage Measured and proven to make a significant difference
    Exclusive to our partners, each integrate our service to strengthen their customer offering
    Reports and approach different to anything else available


Improve customer satisfaction


  1. Reduced customer effort Monthly usage and expense management reports produced for your customers
    Automated and fully managed from billing data collection to report production and delivery
    Insightful and interactive reports reduce queries and enhance customer engagement
  2. Generates ongoing dialogue Points of discussion and interest easy to highlight – reports built to enable you to build a personal overview for each customer
    Propose best fit bolt-ons with accuracy and confidence
  3. Turn billing into reports Report content can be tailored to your requirements
    Additional bespoke reports can be produced
    Signum act as your back office expert resource


Improve contract renewals


  1. Better tariffs or options Show your customer the impact of a new deal
    Build your deal on a complete understanding of the usage and trends
    Compare all available options on a like for like basis
  2. New requirements - upsell Combine usage and trend reporting with your ongoing dialogue and understanding of your customer to future proof your new deal
    Gained customer confidence reinforcing your expert resource status
  3. Gaining more business Work with us to gain more customer referral led business
    Use proof of existing services to promote other services like landline and even mobility
    Helping you create a complete, happy and successful customer journey


inspired by Qlue